Park High Graduates Charged With Sexual Battery Have Roll Call Set For July 9

Jun 26, 2018

Three recent graduates of Park City High, who are facing sexual battery charges, have their next court date in early July.

All three defendants have made their first appearance in court--the most recent being Monday June 25.

Carter Noah Hall made a brief appearance in Third District Courty. His attorney Lindsay Jarvis, noted that his co-defendants, Joseph Lukrich and Bernhardt Pederson, have their next roll call scheduled on July 9. She asked for the same date for her client.

Judge Patrick Corum granted that. He also directed Hall to go through booking, but he was not detained.

The county is alleging that the defendants, all 18 years old, victimized an un-named person "C", in a weight lifting class in early May. The charges say that Hall pulled down "C"'s pants on two separate occasions, sat on his face, and tried to push "C" into a corner and made sexually explicit remarks to him.

After the hearing, Hall's attorney declined to make any comment to KPCW.