Park Silly Sunday Market Starts Up For The Summer This Weekend

May 31, 2019

Credit Park Silly Market

Park Silly Sunday Market is starting up on Sunday. Event organizers are expecting a large crowd of Parkites and other Utah residents eager to celebrate the arrival of warm weather.

The Park Silly Sunday Market runs every Sunday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm now through September 22nd, excluding the first three Sundays in August. The market is in the beginning of its 13th year. Park Silly Sunday Executive Director Kate McChesney says the open-air market and street festival includes arts and crafts booths, live music, imports and of course the farmers market.

“We’ve got 22 great farmers and gourmet foods coming," McChesney explained. "There's also live music happening there. That's really convenient because there is some parking up here where if you're really only interested in getting your breads and gourmet foods and vegetables and fruits you can park in the 15 to 30-minute parking. Walk-in, walk out, be on your way.”

The kids garden is also making a return.

“We have bounce houses, face painting," McChesney said. "We have balloon tying coming this weekend as well as a mechanical bull, the rock-climbing wall, which is all conveniently located right next to the bar.”

McChesney said they’re always looking for more volunteers.

“Our volunteers are seated, they’re in the shade," McChesney continued. "There's no laborious lifting, if they have their tips certification they can hang out by the bar and check everybody's ID’s while they listen to music. Otherwise they're just clicking everybody walking in the door and saying hello and answering questions. Where do I go get breakfast? Where can I go get lunch? How do I get out of here? Where is the farmers market?”

McChesney says that although they are unable to file a full economic impact report ever year, she does have a good guess of how the market impacts Park City.

“In 2017 we did over $165,000 in sales tax," McChesney explained. "So, if you kind of incorporate that, our vendors over the course of 14 Sundays do well over $1,000,000. So, we're doing something for the community. 15,000 people showing up on a Sunday, I would hope to think that there's a really good economic impact.”

You can find out more about the market, including schedules, activities and volunteer opportunities on their website.