Parking Lot Confrontation Results In Citation

Aug 31, 2018

Credit Summit County Sheriff's Department

Among recent incidents in the Summit County Sheriff’s report, a single-car accident occurred at one of the county’s projects on Kilby Road.

And a dispute between motorists could almost be called road rage—except it happened in a parking lot.

On the morning of August 23rd, an employee with the county Public Works Department reported that a vehicle drove straight through the new roundabout in front of Ecker Hill Middle School and hit a cement barrier on the other side.

The vehicle was found, parked and unoccupied, in the LDS Church parking lot next door. It had major damage on the front end. The cement curb at the roundabout had minimal damage.

Sheriff Lt. Andrew Wright said they haven’t been able to find the registered owner of the vehicle, because the phone number listed for the person was not current.

Meanwhile, a dispute on Friday the 24th was reported in the parking lot in front of the T.J. Maxx at Kimball Junction. According to Lt. Wright, tow young men were sitting in a vehicle, and saw another motorists cutting through the parking spaces, almost hitting their car.

When they yelled and honked at the other driver, she became angry, backed up and blocked theme so they couldn’t leave their parking spot. They videotaped the woman who was screaming at them.

When officers arrived, they cited the woman for unlawful detention. She is a 26-year-old from West Bountiful.