Passenger Truck Crashes Into Kimball Junction McDonalds

Jun 4, 2019

No injuries reported after a truck crashed into the McDonald’s out at Kimball Junction.

Summit County Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright says the department received a 9-1-1 call Tuesday morning alerting them to the truck that had crashed into the McDonald’s at Kimball Junction.

“When our deputies got there, they had discovered that a passenger truck had left the roadway," Lt. Wright explained. "There's a small roadway off of Ute Blvd that connects to Landmark Drive that's kind of in between Taco Bell and McDonald's. There's a back entrance into McDonald's. So, the driver told our deputies that he planned to turn into McDonald's and that was the last thing he remembered. He woke up and saw that he had crashed into the McDonald's building.”

The cause of the crash was described as a medical event.

“The driver was not injured nor were anyone inside the building," Lt. Wright said. "There were no injuries reported. He did travel down the embankment through the parking lot and crashed into the side of McDonald's where the drive through is, he went through a set of windows. The front end of the truck was sitting inside the building when our deputies got there.”

Lt. Wright said that the damage to the building is being assessed.