Summit County Manager Comments On Fireworks Shows

Jan 9, 2020

Summit County has focused a lot on Sustainability, cleaner air, and efforts like an anti-idling ordinance.    Given that, we asked County Manager Tom Fisher this week about the regular fireworks show they have allowed at the Canyons.   

Fisher noted that he gave the approvals for the First Friday displays at the Canyons.

He said fireworks have long been a traditional event on holidays like the Fourth or Pioneer Day—barring any restrictions due to fire conditions.       

“We’re a tourist area, and this is a request by a private entity to, what they call enhance their business.  So we have to balance that against other things.    Now we don’t have any prohibitions in place on fireworks in the county.  There has not been a policy discussion about fireworks in relation to what you’re talking about from the standpoint of how it relates to emissions and those types of things.   That discussion could be coming.  (And I guess we could put it back in Vail Resorts’ lap too, I mean they’re also committed to zero emissions, and so why they’re asking for it in the first place.. (Fisher) Exactly, I mean, it is a private entity, so they have internal policies as well.”

Summit County Manager Tom Fisher.