Sundance Film Festival: Locals Ticket Packages For Sale Online

Oct 15, 2018

Credit Sundance Film Festival
The Sundance Film Festival starts Thursday, January 24th and runs through February 3rd. Locals can buy ticket packages starting tomorrow. Carolyn Murray has this report:

Utah residents can purchase ticket packages for the 2019 Sundance Film Festival starting at 10 am on Tuesday.   Anyone interested should go on line to Between 10 and noon.

Fabian Castillo is the Ticketing Operations Manager for Sundance and says the electronic queue has been tested and there are not any substantial changes from how it worked last year. He says locals can register in the electronic queue before noon at which point it goes live and customers can go to their carts and make their purchases.

“Our pre-queue opens up for everyone to start lining up in a virtual waiting room on our website. There will be a link that you will be able to follow to get into the specific wait line”

Castillo says individual tickets won’t be available for sale until January 17th. This program is for Utah residents’ packages only.

“At noon, the systems should put them into the ticketing page that has all the options that are available for sale at that point. And, they should be able to adds tuff to their cart and proceed to the check out and finalize their payment. When you’re picking up we do require a Utah Government issued ID or Driver’s License to verify that you are a local.”

According to the Sundance Website, the theme this year is risk taking. As always, founder, Robert Redford will, open the event with the World Premier film, which has not yet been revealed by the Sundance programming team. Castillo said programmers continue to finalize the schedule and will have details on November 28th, when the film line up is announced.

Castillo said there are three options available for the Utah Locals Ticket Package sales.

“The main package and passes that are available are Grand Theater pass and our local Salt Lake City Pass and the three packages we offer are the 10 ticket packages Salt Lake City Screenings only and the locals 10 ticket package which we encourage a lot of our Park City residents to look into. And, then finally, the Utah 10 ticket student package. Once the program gets announced in November, they then go through in January and choose the specific films they’re looking to fulfill those tickets with.”

All tickets will run 25 dollars through the entire festival. January 17th from noon to 8 pm will be the last day to purchase individual tickets and will be done with the same electronic ticket queueing system.

Go to: to purchase a locals package. If anyone needs assistance they should go to: KPCW will continue its coverage with festival updates and information along with hosting the Sundance Reel interviews in January during the festival. Programming will include film makers, producers and talent.