Utah League of Women Voters Advocating For Prop 4

Oct 3, 2018

Jill Lesh with the Utah League of Women Voters explains what the league does.

“The League of Women Voters is a nonprofit, political organization.” Lesh explained, “We strive to inform voters, get them actively involved in the political process. That means election season is very busy, but we’re busy all year round too. Right now, we have a very active league here in Park City. The process that we’re very involved in is advocating for Prop. 4. That’s the proposition that will be on all Utah ballots to have an independent redistricting commission draw the lines for congressional and state districts.”

The league is handing out yard signs in support of proposition 4. Lesh says you can contact them on their Facebook page if you’d like one. Fellow league member Meredith Reed explains why the league supports the proposition.

“Independent redistricting commission would increase voter engagement.” Reed continued, “One of the driving forces behind the league is to increase democratic participation get folks to vote, get folks to be part of the process. Having an independent district draw the lines and ending gerrymandering totally aligns with the leagues purpose and values. That is why we are supporting that, but it doesn’t happen easily. We spend a lot of time researching these issues we’re a non-partisan organization. That is ardently, adamantly part of our DNA as an organization is to be non-partisan.”

Lesh added that the Utah League of Women voters worked hard to get the signatures required to get the proposition on the ballot. Reed says there is evidence of gerrymandering here in the Wasatch Back.

“I like to point out to people that Summit County is divided into five different state house and senate districts and yet we have zero representatives from Summit County in our Utah legislature.” Reed said, “I really think that paints the picture of how our votes here in this county are divided across many districts that don’t share our industries, don’t share our economy and what we need to support here in the Wasatch Back.”

Additionally, the league of women voters provides a website Vote411.org that provides information about local elections.

“All they need to do is put in their address.” Reed explained, “You don’t have to register, there’s no putting your e-mail, you don’t have to tell anybody your name. It will pull up all of the federal, state and local elections that are in your district where you are. It will tell you the candidates that are running. All of the candidates were offered an opportunity to provide information if they chose to take that opportunity then their answers to questions are there on the website. Also includes information on all of the ballot initiatives that will be on the ballot.”

Lesh also reminds residents to recycle their political signs once the elections are over.

“You need to recycle those yard signs.” Lesh continued, “As you know they are all over the place. Park City recycle center will take them the yard signs go in plastic, not in cardboard. The metal stands go in the big bin for mixed metals.”