Utah Legislator Promotes Bill Banning Plastic Bag Bans On Fox News

Feb 21, 2019

Rep. Mike McKell, R-Spanish Fork, on Fox & Friends First to discuss HB 320
Credit foxnews.com

A legislative attempt to prevent Utah cities and counties from banning the use of plastic bags made national TV yesterday, with a Republican state legislator’s appearance on Fox News. 

Spanish Fork Rep. Mike McKell joined Fox & Friends First host Heather Childers by Skype Wednesday to discuss his Container Regulations Act, House Bill 320. The bill would prohibit local governments from regulating or imposing fees on containers, such as bags and straws. He called the movement to ban plastic items “anti-business” and said local businesses have contacted him with concerns that they would have to spend more money if they were required to phase out plastic bags.

Childers asked McKell what his response is to people who want to ban plastic to protect the environment. McKell says it should be the individual business’ decision to use renewable bags, and a customer can decide at the register whether they want to use paper or plastic.

In 2017, Park City became the first Utah city to enact an ordinance banning plastic bags, affecting The Market at Park City, Fresh Market and the Rite-Aid in town. Moab followed suit in 2018.

HB 320 will be heard Friday at 8 a.m. in the House Natural Resources committee, room 445 at the State Capitol.