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Utah State Courts


Hideout Town Council delayed a vote Wednesday night on annexing property in nearby Summit County. Fourth District Court Judge Jennifer Brown ordered the council to wait until she makes a ruling Thursday afternoon about whether the annexation violates the temporary injunction she’s already ordered. 

Following a 90 minute hearing Wednesday afternoon on Summit County’s Order to Show Cause, Judge Brown said she needed more time to consider the arguments before making her ruling that could determine the future of Hideout’s annexation plans. 

Town of Hideout

The Hideout Town Council will vote Wednesday night on whether to approve an annexation of 350 acre of Summit County. The property is owned by Mayflower Stichting in the Richardson Flat area. 

At a work session Tuesday night, council reviewed the details of a draft Master Development Agreement of the annexed property with developer Nate Brockbank. The development is now called Silver Meadows. 

Hideout Utah


  Meeting in a work session Tuesday night, the Hideout Town Council responded to a stream of criticism from Monday night’s public meeting about Hideout’s possible annexation into Summit County.  

Council members acknowledged some of the reasons behind the complaints, they also deplored the attacks that took a nasty personal tone, including, reportedly, harassment outside the Mayor’s house. 

Hideout, UT

Summit County is bringing the Town of Hideout back to court, saying that town officials are violating a court order. On Monday, Summit County filed a motion for an Order to Show Cause asking why the court shouldn’t find the Wasatch County town in contempt of court for continuing its efforts to annex property from another county.

Hideout's Town Council isn't done talking about annexing 655 acres in Summit County.

The council scheduled a meeting for Friday night of Labor Day weekend at 6:30pm.  On Thursday afternoon, a judge issued a preliminary injuction against Hideout's pre-annexation agreement with developers Josh Romney and Nate Brockbank.  Summit County had filed a lawsuit saying that agreement occured in violation of Utah's open meeting laws.  

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