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Rick Brough hosts this film panel discussion with Friday Film Reviewers; Mark Harrington, Libby Wadman and Barbra Bretz. They discuss everything cinema in this post pandemic landsacape of film going from the 2021 Oscars to their own memories of the last Blockbuster video store.


In a summer when the world is still out of kilter, along comes a welcome distraction; a long, lost treasure in the form of a documentary directed by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson: Summer of Soul (…Or, When the Revolution Could Not be Televised). Libby Wadman has this week’s Friday Film Review.

Tis the season for another fabulous film review panel. Rick Brough, Katy Wang, Barbra Bretz and Libby Wadman talk about the films expected for the upcoming 2020 Sundance Film Festival. The film panelists weigh in on the movies that are being considered Oscar contenders and discuss a few of the the upcoming Christmas blockbusters.


Libby Wadman, with this week’s Friday Film Review, looked at the new movie, “Midway.”   She says that it’s still possible to do a World War II epic right.

Fans of “Independence Day” will be happy to know that director Roland Emmerich is back with a new look at the battle of Midway in the film “Midway”.  This rendition, written by Wes Tooke, a Navy veteran, has nothing to do with the 1976 film of the same name, or any others, except that it depicts the battle of Midway early on in World War II.

KPCW Film Roundtable - March 2, 2019

Mar 2, 2019
Monika Guendner/KPCW

KPCW's Rick Brough is joined by local film commenters Barb Bretz, Mark Hamilton and Libby Wadman come to the studios to discuss the wins, the losses, and the processes of last weekend's Academy Awards.


KPCW Friday Film Reviewer Libby Wadman gives the nod to a Holocaust drama with an unusual name.


The new version of Beauty and the Beast is a more a beauty than it is a beast. That's the word from Libby Wadman who has this week's Friday Film Review.


For this week's Friday Film Review Libby Wadman says the numbers all add up in the Oscar-nominated film, Hidden Figures.


Libby Wadman has this week's Friday Film Review and you might say she has seen fire and she's seen rain. She went to the new blockbuster "inferno" and says it's not a bad way to spend a drizzly afternoon.


In this week's Friday Film Review, Libby Wadman looks at the new film, "Eye in the Sky." She says it's an effective war film about a new and different kind of war.

ffective war film about a new and different kind of war.

This week, Libby Wadman reviews the chilly sea saga, "The Finest Hours." And, like it or not, she says you will need a warm coat in the theater...

James Bond may be a blunt instrument, but Libby Wadman who has this week's Friday Film Review says  Spectre - the latest film in the Bond -franchise is as sharp as it can be.

A new film about a ground-breaking Rap group of the late 1980's is making waves at the box office. Here's Libby Wadman - straight outta Snyderville - with this week's Friday Film Review.

Trying to mix oil and water doesn't work in a new hipster mob film. Libby Wadman is here with the Friday Film Review.

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