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Giro Messeri

A Midway resident filmed his unexpected visit from a mountain lion on Tuesday.



Park City residents have reported two incidents of mountain lion sightings in the city in the past several days. The calls came from different neighborhoods.

On August 29 a man walking his dog near Wyatt Earp drive in the Prospector neighborhood told police he saw what he described as a young mountain lion. It was about 9:20 PM when police responded to the call. They did a search of the area but could not locate the animal.

Moose Exhibiting Aggressive Behavior

Sep 10, 2018
Dave Cushing Moose in Iron Canyon

The leaves are changing colors on the mountain side which means Fall is on the doorstep.  It also means moose are in their mating season, which is known as the rut. KPCW has received reports of dangerous human interactions with moose near one of Park City’s popular hiking trails. Carolyn Murray has this:  

A local hunter, armed with a bow and arrow, was stalked by a mountain lion in the High Uintas, and scratched up in an encounter this weekend.

Phill Douglass from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources says that Cody Hardman, a Kamas resident, was archery hunting for elk at about 6:45 Saturday morning.

Hardman reported that he first noticed the animal in a crouching position about 10 feet from him. When it lunged, he fired an arrow but missed. The mountain lion charged Hardman three times and after that, it left.

Mountain Lion Sighted in Park City - Twice

Aug 16, 2017

Mountain lions were sighted in Timberlake last week and over the weekend in Park City. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources didn’t get confirmation of the sighting and so at this point – nothing has been done. KPCW’s Melissa Allison has more.

Photo by Lynn Chamberlain, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

The Utah Wildlife Board approved more cougar hunting permits this season.  Several people spoke out against the increase at a public hearing last week.  KPCW's Renai Bodley has more:

A mountain lion found in Summit Park was shot by state Division of Wildlife Resource officers Sunday morning, after it killed one dog and wounded its companion. A DWR spokesman says it's their policy to euthanize a cougar once it has harmed a human or animal. Rick Brough has more.

Is it tho?

Jul 26, 2013

Man contacts all local media avenues to warn of mountain lion nearby.  

Not so much.