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Summit Land Conservancy wraps up 2019 with the most successful conservation year yet. They closed seven transactions totaling 1200 acres.

The land is located along the Weber River, in the town of Oakley and is adjacent to the new campground. According to Summit Land Conservancy’s Executive Director Cheryl Fox the campground is part of the new rodeo grounds and does not have access to the Weber.

Celebrate The Story Of A Farm

Sep 19, 2019
Summit Land Conservancy

The Osguthorpe family has been farming in Park City since 1945. The family along with many hundreds of donors were honored in a celebration held by the Summit Land Conservancy on Thursday to mark the agricultural conservation of the 160-acre farm on Old Ranch Road.

Summit Land Conservancy

After almost two years and nearly $18 million, The Summit Land Conservancy officially closed on a permanent conservation easement for the 158-acre Osguthorpe Farm on Old Ranch Road. 

The project was funded by an $8.8 million federal grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Services; $4.5 million from individual donors; $3.9 million from the Osguthorpe family; and $500,000 from Summit County. Summit Land Conservancy completed its fundraising in March.

Summit Land Conservancy

The Osguthorpe Farm conservation contract is set to close any day now. And, the Summit Land Conservancy has two more conservation easements that should be sewn up this year under the same USDA backed program.

Osguthorpe Family Farm Preservation Is A Done Deal

Mar 26, 2019
Summit Land Conservancy

The Summit Land Conservancy announced the campaign to save the 158-acre Osguthorpe Farm on Old Ranch Road in the Snyderville Basin is over. They’ve raised the $17,856,000 dollars needed to create an agricultural easement and preserve the farm forever.


Summit Land Conservancy


It’s the final three weeks for the Summit Land Conservancy to raise the money needed to preserve the Osguthorpe Farm on Old Ranch Road in the Snyderville Basin. They need another $740,000 to close the deal.

There are two $50,000 challenge grants which Summit Land Conservancy has received.  The final day to raise the full amount is March 31st. The Osguthorpe family has extended the deadline once. Executive Director of the Summit Land Conservancy, Cheryl Fox has is confident they can reach the $740,000 goal.

Summit Land Conservancy

The Osguthorpe family is opening the farm on Old Ranch Road to cross-country skiers this Saturday. KPCW’s Emily Means reports.

Cross-country skiers have the chance to ski the Osguthorpe Farm from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. on Saturday, January 12. Summit Land Conservancy Executive Director Cheryl Fox asks that participants park at Willow Creek, and the organization will shuttle people to the farm. Fox says this parcel of land lends itself well to cross-country skiing.

Summit Land Conservancy

The Summit Land Conservancy continues to raise funds to preserve the Osguthorpe Farm on Old Ranch Road and they’ve successfully expanded a conservation easement in the Sun Peak neighborhood in the Snyderville Basin. KPCW’s Carolyn Murray has this:

Summit Land Conservancy

The Summit Land Conservancy announced progress to fund the purchase of the Osguthorpe Farm Conservation Easement.  The Snyderville Basin Recreation Board will contribute to the open space preservation effort of what some are calling the last farm on Old Ranch Road.  Carolyn Murray has this:


Basin Recreation is contributing $500,000 dollars toward the preservation efforts. Summit Land Conservancy Executive Director, Cheryl Fox said the land will have public access for winter recreation.

Melissa Allison

The Osguthorpe family and Summit Land Conservancy still have $2.8 million to raise before October 31. Melissa Allison was at their event Saturday to hear what still had to be done to protect the 158 acres of their working farm:

Time Is Running Out To Save The Osguthorpe Farm

Feb 6, 2018

The 158-acre Osguthorpe Farm is the last family farm on Old Ranch Road. Summit Land Conservancy stepped in to help preserve the land but time is running out. Melissa Allison has more:

carolyn murray

The Snyderville Basin used to be a patchwork of farms, but since the boom in development began about 30 years ago, there aren’t many large agricultural spaces left in the greater Park City area.  The iconic Osguthorpe Farm on Old Ranch Road just leapt $500,000 closer to staying intact.  Carolyn Murray has this story: 

Summit Land Conservancy

During their public comment segment on Wednesday, the Summit County Council heard from four residents about the same topic -- the preservation of the Osguthorpe farm. They urged the Council to work out a way for the Basin Open Space funds to help preserve this area on Old Ranch Road. Rick Brough has more.