Timber Lakes

Wasatch Fire District

Wasatch County Fire District responded to a fire in the Timber Lakes area on Wednesday. There were no injuries but significant damage to the home.

Wasatch County Fire

Wasatch County Fire District made two stops in the Timber Lakes region Sunday evening.

Wasatch Fire District PIO Janet Carson reports that the fire district sent an engine to respond to a chimney fire in the Timber Lakes area, about 15 minutes East of Heber, a little before 7:00 pm. That fire was contained with no damage. Around 20 minutes after the chimney fire began the fire crew was paged out for a fully engulfed cabin about a mile up the road from the first fire.

Jana Lee Corn

A neighbor helped prevent a complete disaster for one Summit County home.

Tollgate resident Jana Lee Corn was just pulling into her driveway after working on Tuesday evening when she noticed a smell of propane.

Wasatch County Fire

As we’ve reported Sunday afternoon a home in the Timber Lakes subdivision blew up in a fiery explosion. This was the second house in a months’ time to explode into flames in the Timber Lakes division.

Wasatch County Fire District Public Spokeswoman Janet Carson says there’s no connection between the two explosions other than they are both homes Timber Lakes area, and that propane very well could have contributed in both cases.

Wasatch County Fire

The Wasatch County Fire District is reporting that an explosion Sunday destroyed a cabin in the Timber Lakes development—the second such instance in less than a month in the same neighborhood.

The Fire District said that the explosion occurred Sunday afternoon, in the development east of Heber.

They said no one was in the home and no one was injured in the explosion.

Fire personnel reported that the roof of the structure had collapsed by the time they arrived. Debris from the explosion was blown at least 200 feet around the cabin.

Wasatch County Fire

A woman is in critical but stable condition after a house in Wasatch County exploded in flames Friday night.

Wasatch County Fire officials report that around 7:00 pm they received an alert that a home had exploded on Lake Pines Drive at Timber Lakes development, East of Heber.  

Wasatch County Fire

The Mountain Subdivision called Timber Lakes sits in the hills east of Heber. The city fire officials are always concerned about this area because it is so dry and covered with scrub oak. A house fire was reported in the early hours of Friday morning and if not for the recent rain and a vigilent homeowner’s association, the outcome could have been catastrophic for many property owners in the neighborhood. Carolyn Murray has this:

  ATVs on the highway, nightly rentals in neighborhoods and a controversial development proposal are on the Wasatch County Council agenda.   KPCW’s Renai Bodley has a preview:

Some residents in the Heber City subdivision of Timber Lakes are worried after two of their pets were shot for wandering into a private hunting preserve in the middle of the neighborhood.   One dog was killed and the other had to have a rear leg amputated.   Rick Brough has more.