utah tax reform referendum


Of Utah’s 29 counties, only three of them failed to collect enough signatures on the referendum for the tax reform bill lawmakers approved in a special session last month. 


The Utah Legislature passed a bill fully repealing the new tax law Tuesday, a little more than a month after it was first approved. 

State leaders announced the legislature would repeal the new tax law just a few days before the 2020 general session began. The likely success of the tax reform referendum pushed them to the repeal, to be able to budget for the session.

Just before the Utah Legislature voted to repeal the new tax law Tuesday, a referendum that would have put it to voters in November tallied more than enough signatures to get on the ballot.

Dozens of lawmakers fill the Utah House of Representatives chamber
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The 2020 general session of the Utah Legislature began Monday, with the repeal of the recently approved tax law hanging over legislators’ heads. 


After preliminary counts showed the Utah tax reform referendum would be put to voters on the November ballot, the governor and state legislative leaders announced Thursday morning the tax bill will be fully repealed. 

State leaders announced in a press release Thursday that Senate Bill 2001, the tax bill the legislature passed in a December special session, will be fully repealed and ready for the governor’s signature by the end of next week.

A citizen-led referendum to overturn Utah’s new tax law may have met the requirements to be on the November ballot.

After a 40-day sprint to the finish line, opponents to the state’s recently passed tax law seem to have collected enough signatures to put a referendum to Utah voters in November. The law cuts the income tax rate and increases sales tax on food, gas and places taxes on some services.