Resorts Put Their Next Step In Writing

Aug 18, 2014

On Friday, both sides in Park City's ski resort fight filed their legal arguments, concerning how much of a financial bond the Park City Mountain Resort has to post to avoid being evicted from its ski hill this winter by the landlord, Talisker. 

Both sides electronically filed documents with the court, but questions are still remaining. 

Talisker, in its 37-page filing, blacked out much of the financial data, including the final amount of the bond it's asking. They did say the Mountain Resort should pay within five business days of a judge's order. 

Park City Mountain Resort set a range, saying they should pay a bond somewhere between about $1 million and about $6.5 million. 

The attorneys are set to argue the issue in Third District Court on August 27th - a week from Wednesday. Rick Brough has more.