2018 Utah Legislature

Efforts to expand Medicaid in Utah have met roadblocks in the state legislature since the Affordable Care Act was signed in 2010 by President Barak Obama. Utah lawmakers passed a Medicaid expansion bill this year.  Critics say it has no chance of getting federal approval because it doesn’t meet the ACA guidelines requiring coverage up to 138% of the poverty level. Proponents in the legislature disagree and are hoping for support from the federal government.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Moderate Income Housing Bill Passes In Legislature

Mar 16, 2018

District 53 Representative Logan Wilde says there’s a housing deficit in Utah and it’s had an impact on the availability of moderately priced homes statewide. His moderate income housing bill was the last bill to pass out of the legislature this session.  Carolyn Murray has this:

The 2018 Utah legislative session comes to a screeching halt at midnight on Friday. This means a frantic week for lawmakers, lawyers, lobbyists and policy wonks. Monday was the last day of committee hearings, so no new bills can come to the floor for a vote. Carolyn Murray reports:

With the 2018 Utah legislative session drawing to a close, the fortunate lawmakers on Capitol Hill are looking at a surplus of more than $500 million. Rich Brough has more on this weeks' report from Brian Schott, managing editor of UtahPolicy.com:

Mark Staples leads off with today’s Utah avalanche forecast. Rep. Logan Wilde, R-Summit County, has an update on the legislative session. U.S. Ski & Snowboard spokesman Tom Kelly checks in with Winter Olympics news from Pyeongchang. Jesse Hunt, executive director of Park City Ski & Snowboard, and special projects manager Walt Evans report that they're seeking volunteers to assist with a number of big events over the next year.

The Summit County Council is keeping a watchful eye on several bills and issues in the current Utah legislative session, as Rick Brough reports:

Now that Utah's 2018 legislative session is underway, several representatives from Summit County will be tracking bills, meeting with legislators and voicing their opinions.  Among those are Cheryl Butler, chair of the county's Democratic Party, and Brantley Eason, Republican Party chair, as Rick Brough reports:

The Utah Legislature kicked off its 2018 session Monday and lawmakers will likely spend a lot of time talking about your taxes.  Utahpolicy.com will provide KPCW with weekly updates throughout the next six weeks.  Budget and taxes are expected to dominate deliberations.  Carolyn Murray has this: