Plastic bag ban

Smith’s Food and Drug Stores announced plans to phase out single-use plastic bags in all of their stores by the year 2025.

All Smith’s locations, including Kimball Junction and Heber City will switch to reusable bags.

The Salt Lake Headquartered Smiths, a division of Kroger, says they plan to solicit customer feedback and work with NGO’s and community partners to ensure a responsible transition.

Last May, Park City banned single-use plastic bags for three local businesses. But the mountain town of Avon, Colorado – near Vail – is implementing an even larger ban. David Boyle has this:

In the public comment time of this week's Summit County Council meeting, two young students again pressed for a countywide ban on plastic bags.  Council chair Kim Carson told Rick Brough that she would like to explore the idea:

Park City’s plastic bag ban was a target of one Republican lawmaker from Roy, Utah who persisted in his attempts to keep local governments from regulating or banning plastic containers.   Transit restructuring, Medicaid expansion and school equalization bills were also passed and will have some impact on area residents.  Carolyn Murray this:

Utah House Representative, Tim Quinn

After some tough lobbying on Park City's behalf by Rep. Tim Quinn (R-District 54), the Utah House of Representatives Thursday overwhelmingly voted down a bill that would have outlawed Park City's plastic bag ban.  Leslie Thatcher tells the story:

According to online legislative watchdog, it's likely that Park City will have the ban on plastic bags... overturned.  KPCW continues to follow the final days of lawmaking down at the Capitol. Some deadlines have passed as of Monday and after Tuesday, nothing else can get to the floor for a vote. Carolyn Murray has this: 

Park City Reaches Out to Stores Regarding the Bag Ban

Aug 19, 2017
Melissa Allison

Since KPCW reported the Market at Park City was getting complaints regarding the plastic bag ban – and customers were walking off with their plastic shopping baskets, rather than paying the ten cents for a paper bag – the city has reached out to the stores and discovered that yes, customers are complaining. KPCW’s Melissa Allison has more.

Recycle Utah Has Loads of Activities This Summer

May 16, 2017
Dell Fuller

There was a big turnout at the city council meeting last week with Recycle Utah leading the charge to ban plastic bags in Park City once and for all.  In 2013, the efforts didn’t quite sway council to ban single use bags but this time residents stepped up. Carolyn Murray has more on the Recycle Utah monthly update.

Park City Passes Utah's First Plastic Bag Ban

May 12, 2017
Picture Courtesy of KPCW

Park City made history Thursday night. City Council passed Utah's first plastic bag ban.  KPCW's Melissa Allison has the story: