Aerie Bear Safely Captured and Relocated

Jul 14, 2017

  Wildlife officials have captured the bear that had made itself at home in the Aerie subdivision on Wednesday.

The bear was first sighted on Tuesday.  A landscape contractor called it in to the Division of Wildlife Resources. Then on Wednesday morning, an Aerie homeowner Bob Anderson found the bear in his garage. Anderson called police who alerted the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources who were bringing in hound dogs to track the dog. As they were waiting for DWR to arrive, they heard loud noises from inside Anderson’s house and found that the bear had made its way into the home – through an open door  --  and was helping himself to the loaf of bread on the counter. The bear reportedly also found the cookie jar.

When he was discovered, the bear ran back into the nearby woods. The search reportedly lasted about three hours before wildlife officers decide to leave bear traps to see if the bear returns. The bear was sighed later. A couple hiking on Lost Prospector about 5:30 Wednesday evening reported to KPCW they saw the bear running back up towards the Aerie.

The bear was captured Thursday morning and relocated to Springville. Wildlife officials recommend that homeowners don’t leave their trash cans outside overnight. They also suggest limiting the number of hummingbird feeders and make sure to clean your BBQ after each use – which can attract bears.