GOP Appointed Wasatch County Clerk/Auditor Ready To Step Into New Role

Apr 23, 2019

Wasatch County Clerk/Auditor Cal Griffiths

Wasatch County Republicans appointed Cal Griffiths as the new County Clerk/Auditor last week. Griffiths says despite the sobering circumstances in which he got the job, he’s eager to serve the people of Wasatch County.

After the passing of longtime Wasatch County Clerk/Auditor Brent Titcomb in March the Wasatch County Republican Party was tasked with appointing a replacement. After a meeting last week, the party gave the name of Cal Griffiths to the Wasatch County Council and the council confirmed the appointment at a meeting Monday morning. Griffiths explains some of his qualifications to be the Wasatch County Clerk/Auditor.

“I have a degree in accounting from Utah State University. I have a minor in computer science. I've worked mostly in the computer side of it installing hardware, supporting people with their computers, but have done financial on the side. Working mainly with a homeowner’s association doing their accounting work, collecting their dues, sending out the invoices for their dues and then preparing their tax returns and filing their 1099’s.”

Griffiths says that in addition to his work in the private sector he’s worked for Wasatch County doing a variety of things including IT support at the sheriff’s office.

“I’ve been here at the County for 15 years and worked very closely with Brent doing computer support for him and also doing the elections. I worked closely with him for about 15 years on automating the elections, preparing the elections, and the reports that we have to send to the state. Unfortunately, when he passed away, I felt like there was an opportunity for me to step up and serve the people here in Wasatch County.”

Titcomb won re-election in November 2018 for a four-year term. Griffiths explains he’ll serve for a little less than two years under the appointment, before another election.

“I was appointed for 20 months it’ll be the end of next December, and then probably about a year from now they'll be a primary and they'll be another election in a year from November. That will be for a two-year term which would complete Brent’s term and then after that it will go back to the normal four-year term.”

Griffith says he has large shoes to fill but is anxious to do a good job.

“I’m very excited to serve here. I would be amiss if I didn't say that the four individuals that are currently working here in the clerk’s office are fine, hardworking people. They've kept the office afloat during this trying time. I look forward to working with them, and again with the citizens here in Wasatch County.”