Monolith Appears in Parkite's Front Yard

Feb 9, 2021

After a large snowstorm a Park Meadows resident found a monolith in her front yard.
Credit Lauren Finken

While the mysterious monolith in Southern Utah was taken down months ago, the metal columns are still popping up around the world…Park City is no exception to the trend. 

When Lauren Finken woke up on Saturday morning, she started to shovel her driveway after a snowstorm the night before.  

“I probably shoveled past the driveway before I noticed it,” Finken said. “And I thought, ‘Oh, it looks like somebody’s ash-catcher from the top of their chimney blew off in the storm.’ Right? Because it was super windy Friday. And I was like, that's really big. I got closer, and I'm like, oh, no, that's a monolith!”

Finken said the structure which is made up of chicken wire and has LED lights inside must’ve gone up overnight. She said the culprit was probably quiet because they didn’t wake her dogs. 

The person who put them up, she said, is likely handy. 

Credit Lauren Finken

  “The materials alone, you got to have access to some rebar at...which I don't have on hand,” she said. “You have to cut chicken wire and staple it into this thing. And then not only has a USB battery pack because it's got LED lights on the inside. And to protect it from the snow in, like this old electrical box you would see on the outside of somebody's house.”


While it's still a mystery who put up the original monolith, Finken said she’s pretty sure she knows who’s responsible for this one. 

“I won't name names,” she said. “But yeah, we know. He's very handy. He still hasn't fessed up, and he claims that the workmanship looks too shabby for him.”

She said the monolith will likely make its way to the yards of her other friends after she makes alterations to make it even “grander.”