Mountain Money - November 2, 2020

Nov 2, 2020

Campaign Legal Center

This morning Brenden Fischer (01:54), with the Campaign Legal Center, joined Mountain Money to talk about Campaign Finance for the 2020 elections.  Fischer helped us understand how much was raised, how it was raised, and the impacts of Citizens United, small donors, and other efforts.

Salt Lake City will go from two daily printed newspapers to none after its major publications announced last week they would cut print days to once a week. Our own Renai Bodley Miller (22:18) , General Manager of KPCW, joined the hosts to talk about the significance of this announcement and the overall impacts on the state of news media in Utah. Mountain Money ended the hour talking with Kyle Brostrom ( 41:38) with MountainStar Healthcare.  MountainStar Healthcare recently acquired the Snow Creek Medical Center and is their first location along the Wasatch Back.