Doug Wells


Co-host of Mountain Money since 2012.

Doug Wells is a Vice President and Partner for Albion Financial Group. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from Stanford University. Doug deeply enjoys helping Albion’s clients succeed in their financial lives. Some of Doug’s additional professional activities include residing on multiple boards such as the Salt Lake Estate Planning Council, Vutara (a startup high tech company) and for Catheter Connections.

Doug is a frequent public speaker and an author on topics of interest to high net worth families, business executives/owners and to many of the charitable causes they support. As an author and presenter his goal is to connect seemingly disparate pieces of information into important patterns and actionable insights.

Doug is an avid fan of outdoor activities including skiing, paragliding and flying general aviation aircraft. He is an FAA certified flight instructor for single and twin-engine aircraft and is a PSIA certified level one ski instructor.

Doug and his wife Linda live in Park City with their 2 daughters.

Ways to Connect

Habitat for Humanity is sponsoring,” She Means Business,” a 6 session workshop series for women’s financial literacy.  Guest Kathleen Barlow says the next session begins on October 3.

Its time for the 6th annual Park City Dine About, October 1 through 14.  24 Park City Restaurants are participating.  Ginger Ries, Executive Director of the Park City Restaurant Association and Michael Goodrich, Front House Manager at Red Rock Brewery in Kimball Junction were in studio.

Martin Van Trieste is the CEO of Civica Rx, a new not for profit generic drug company that will help patients by addressing shortages and high prices of life saving medications. Intermountain Healthcare is among the organizations that are forming the new, not for profit company.

Rob Hicken is the owner of  Delta Stone Products.  Delta Stone is the premier full-service natural stone fabricator in the western United States. They are hosting a ribbon cutting and  open house September 20 from 4 to 7 pm at 2276 Daniels Road in Heber City.   

Owen Snead is the  Executive Director of The Abbington Senior Living Community at 551 East 1200 South Heber City.  The Abbington is adding additional assisted living apartments. 

For decades, the one question that has consistently been on the minds of Americans is: Where did all the good jobs go?  It is a fixture in campaign stump speeches, and our current president won he election by running on bringing jobs “back to America.” In his book, Louis Hyman explains the real origins of the gig economy, and how deliberate decisions made by corporate consultants and CEO’s upended the stability of the workplace, and how those decisions have led to insecurity today, as well as new opportunities.

Sierra McCleve, the co-owner of Dottie’s Kolache is in today to explain what a kolache is and how many varieties  are available.  Dottie’s Kolache is located at 95 South Main in Heber.

Rebecca Tibbits is the owner of Beyond the Blackboard.  A new business in Heber City that provides academic tutoring and enrichment classes for children in the Heber Valley. Beyond the Blackboard is located at 520 North Main in Heber.

Renai and d Doug visit with New York Times bestselling author Dan Schawbel  about his book, “Back to Human.” Technology has created the illusion that today’s workers feel “highly connected” to one another, when in realty most feel isolated from their colleagues.  What they crave most – and what research increasingly shows to be the hallmark of the highest performing  workplace cultures – is a sense of authentic connection with others. Dan’s mission has always been to assist the next generation of leaders through their entire careers.

On the first day of the KPCW Pledge Dive, Kathleen Barlow and Cindy Lopatriello join Doug, Roger and Renai on Mountain Money talking about The Park City Women’s Business Network.