Doug Wells


Co-host of Mountain Money since 2012.

Doug Wells is a Vice President and Partner for Albion Financial Group. He holds a Masters of Business Administration from Stanford University. Doug deeply enjoys helping Albion’s clients succeed in their financial lives. Some of Doug’s additional professional activities include residing on multiple boards such as the Salt Lake Estate Planning Council, Vutara (a startup high tech company) and for Catheter Connections.

Doug is a frequent public speaker and an author on topics of interest to high net worth families, business executives/owners and to many of the charitable causes they support. As an author and presenter his goal is to connect seemingly disparate pieces of information into important patterns and actionable insights.

Doug is an avid fan of outdoor activities including skiing, paragliding and flying general aviation aircraft. He is an FAA certified flight instructor for single and twin-engine aircraft and is a PSIA certified level one ski instructor.

Doug and his wife Linda live in Park City with their 2 daughters.

Ways to Connect

Mandy Wright is the owner of Judy’s Donuts and Coffee located at 231 East Main in Midway, Utah. Each morning, handmade donuts are made fresh in her kitchen. Roger Goldman stopped by and picked up a half dozen of their favorites.

Jason Barrett is Director of Food and Beverage at Stein Ericksen Lodge. Wine Enthusiast has named the Glitretind Restaurant among America’s 100 best wine restaurants and will be featured in the publication’s August 2019 restaurant issue.

After 20+ years in the boardroom and multiple roles in public and private companies, Betsy Atkins is ready to share her secrets. In her book, Be Board Ready, she teaches how to build your own personal brand as well as how to keep yourself relevant and growing. Betsy covers the best ways to present your skills and credentials in order to get that board interview, as well as detailed information on how to prepare for it.

Roger and Doug visit with Campbell Harvey as they talk about something called the “yield curve” and the possibility of a recession in our future.

Jill Shroyer is the second guest on Mountain Money today. She helps managers navigate through the complex HR terrain.

Today's guest on Mountain Money is Jason Ware, Chief Investment Officer at Albion Financial Group.  He talks with Renai and Doug about the economy, the U.S. trade war impacts, and the stock market.

Doug and Roger visit with Alan Dunn, former Deputy Secretary of Commerce. Alan Dunn was principal negotiator of NAFTA and, in this segment, addresses the new Mexico Tariffs and the concept of using trade sanctions in the context of non-trade disputes.

Stephen Harkey is CMO of ViVi Holdings, a provider of fintech services for unbanked and underbanked populations that primarily rely on cash since they don't have easy access to a bank account. Stephen addresses merchants' decisions to go cashless or not.












The third guest on the program is Michael Miller, the Chief of Veterans Services for the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

Meredith Reed, an Air Force veteran and chaplain, discusses Blue Star Families and their work done with veterans' spouses.

Roger and Doug visit with Taylor Jaworski, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado. This Memorial Day they address the economics of war.

Doug and Roger welcome Salt Lake Attorney Mark Pugsley who says Utah has more Ponzi schemes per capita than any of the state in the county.

John Christianson is founder and CEO of Highland Private Wealth Management, a boutique financial life management company in Bellevue, Washington. He talks with Doug and Roger about his new book, The Wealth Creators Playbook: A Guide to Maximizing Your Return on Life and Money.

Roger and Doug's first guest is Michael Chertoff.  They speak to him about his book, Exploding Data Reclaiming Our Cyber Security In The Digital Age.

In the second half of the program, Doug and Roger visit with Phil Buchanan. Phil is the author of Giving Done Right: Effective Philanthropy and Making Every Dollar Count. In the book, Phil explores what it takes to make an impact on issues you care about – whether you have a little or a lot to give.