Roger Goldman


Roger is a retired partner in the international law firm of Latham & Watkins.  He is the co-founder and Chairman of Buildable Hours, a non-profit group that organizes law firms to build homes with Habitat for Humanity in several cities around the country.  He and his wife Rana Tahtinen enjoy skiing and many of the other recreational activities offered by Park City.  He is passionate about KPCW and its important role in our community. 

Augustine Sedgewick, author Coffeeland: One Man's Dark Empire and the Making of Our Favorite Drug speaks with Mountain Money.  Augustine traces coffee's five-hundred-year transformation from a mysterious Muslim ritual into an everyday necessity.  Augustine will reveal for listers how coffee bred vast wealth and hard poverty, at once connecting an

  Dave Davis, President/CEO of the Utah Food Industry Association, represents members that include grocers, convenience stores, and food suppliers.  Dave speaks with Mountain Money about supply issues over the last two months and provides a perspective of what food and supplies are anticipated to have supply shortages in the future.

Corey Milligan with New West KnifeWorks updates Mountain Money on their operations.  New West KnifeWorks recently re-opened their production facility in the Teton Valley and their retail store on Park City’s Main Street today (Monday).  Corey talks with about resuming business with a new, strategic safety protocol plan.

David McMaster, Manager of the Park City OC Tanner store brings Mountain Money up to speed on their current operations on Main Street.

Parkite Jeff Kluge is with GBS Benefits, an employee benefits consulting firm.  Jeff speaks with Mountain Money about the outlook for health insurance premiums and gives insight into both small employer benefits and individual health insurance.

Mountain Money speaks with Gerald Posner, author of the book Pharma: Greed, Lies and the Poisoning of America.  The discussion with Gerald will take listeners through how the pharmaceutical industry went from creating miracles such as anti­biotics and vaccines to its current state: high costs, addiction, and overdose.

Then Brooks Kirchheimer, with Hearth and Hill checks in with Mountain Money to talk about their to-go Mother’s Day Brunch offering.

A major impact of the coronavirus felt on this community was the early closing of the ski resorts.  Recently two lawsuits have been filed on behalf of pass holders against Vail and Ikon/ Alterra.  Attorney Steven Miller will join Mountain Money to discuss how litigation of this type works and what could happen as the cases develop. 

Mountain Money spends time with with Justin Ferrell, author of Billionaire Wilderness: The Ultra-Wealthy and the Remaking of the American West. Ferell spent a number of years exploring Teton County Wyoming, a county known for its rugged natural beauty, amazing skiing and, increasingly, massive wealth inequality.  Sound familiar?  Our discussion with the author will dive deep into understanding of money moving to the West, the impact of an increasing population of the ultra wealthy and the issue of whether wealth can solve the problems wealth creates.

Nikola Motors' Hydrogen-Electric Trucks

Apr 27, 2020

Trevor Milton, CEO of Nikola Motor Company and Summit County resident, speaks with Mountain Money about zero-emissions business model - from production to consumption - and the current challenges they are facing.


  DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director of the National Football League Players Association breaks down the NFL Draft with Mountain Money and shares insights as to how sports seasons will resume after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Assisted living facilities have experienced unprecedented complications from the Coronavirus.  Kate Olsen is the Administrator of the Beehive House, an assisted living facility in Park City.  Kate joins Mountain Money to discuss changes to their operations and industry in general.

Update on Wasatch Back Real Estate Market

Apr 20, 2020

  Real Estate is an important part of the economy along the Wasatch Back. William Winstead, President of the Park City Board of Realtors has been practicing real estate in Park City since 1992 and joins Mountain Money today to give listeners snapshot of what has happened in the real estate market over the past five weeks.

Hawaii's COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Apr 20, 2020

Many states and communities are discussing plans about reopening the economy while ensuring the reopening does not reinvigorate the virus.  Sumner La Croix, is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Economics at the University of Hawai‘i-Mānoa and is a research fellow with the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization. Sumner was key to the development of a plan to reopen Hawaii’s economy.  Sumner joins Mountain Money to walk through the different measures and timelines the plan includes.




With more of us at home and driving less, Allstate Insurance has announced a Shelter-in-Place Payback of more than $600 million with paybacks occurring during the months of April and May for our auto insurance customers. Steve Robertson recently took over the Allstate Office on Main Street and joins Mountain Money this morning to talk about the paybacks as well as other insurance topics to look into at this time.