North Summit High School Wraps Up The 2018-2019 School Year

May 21, 2019

Credit North Summit School District

As May comes to an end so does the school year. The first Wasatch Back school to send of their graduates is also the area’s smallest. North Summit High.

Graduation was held at the North Summit High School auditorium in Coalville on Monday May 20th. In all 73 students walked across the stage to receive their diploma’s. North Summit High Principal Wade Murdock didn’t have the exact numbers but guessed around 95% of the class graduated at Monday’s ceremony.

“Great night, it was a great program,” Murdock said. “We have great kids; we have a wonderful staff. There’s always some ups and downs throughout the year but overall it was a successful year. We’ll miss the seniors; they’ve contributed to the high school very well.”

The Class of 2019’s Valedictorian was Jay Dearden and Salutatorian was Allie Boyer. Principal Murdock explained how they were chosen.

“Formula based on their GPA and their ACT score,” Murdock continued. “Both wonderful kids doing very well. Both are moving on to the next level. I think Allie’s going to Utah State and I believe Jay will serve a mission first and then I believe the University of Utah. Excellent kids, they spoke as well at our commencement and did a fantastic job.”

Principal Murdock said graduates of the school have a variety of post-high school plans. Many students plan to attend the University of Utah, Weber State, Utah Valley University and other universities. Some have plans to go on LDS missions and others plan to go to the Davis Technical College and trade schools. Principal Murdock said that although seniors are done with classes, other students in the school still have a little bit of work left to do.

“Our other students will finish out the week and check out,” Murdock explained. “We do a half-day on Friday and we’re done on the 24th. So it’s been a great year and a very quick year but another successful year.”

North Summit Elementary and Middle School will also finish their school year on Friday.