Park City Budget Outlines Shakeup Of Public Works And Transportation Departments

May 29, 2019

Credit Park City Municipal

The next Fiscal Year 2020 budget presentation to the Park City Council includes a reorganization of the Public Works and Transportation departments. 

When Blake Fonnesbeck left his position as transit and public works director in January, he oversaw transit, public works, fleet, parking and building maintenance. Park City Manager Diane Foster says that’s too much responsibility for one person, so she’s recommending to the City Council the creation of one transportation department, featuring transportation planning, transit and parking. The new transportation director will oversee all things related to transportation and transit, including infrastructure projects, land-use decisions and parking.

Foster says current Transportation Planning Manager Alfred Knotts has already been overseeing transit and transportation

“He’s been doing that since January, and it’s been going quite well," Foster said. "The County also seems pleased with that as well.”

Foster says the restructure will change four positions related to transit. Overall, the changes to transportation staffing will result in a $200,000 increase to the budget.

"We're putting in a more traditional transit structure, so we’re advertising now and we've started interviews for transit manager," Foster said. "Soon after that, we’ll start interviews for an assistant transit manager, so we are making some changes to that as well."

Additionally, Public Works would split off as its own division, featuring departments for parks and golf maintenance, building maintenance, streets and stormwater, and fleet. The restructure will eliminate the Parks & Golf Manager and Streets and Streetscapes Manager positions, creating two Public Works Managers instead.

The Park City Council will vote on the budget on June 20.