Salt Lake Valley UDOT Construction Was Responsible for Internet Outages in the Wasatch Back

21 hours ago

Widespread internet outages in the Wasatch Back on Monday night into Tuesday occurred after utility cable was damaged by Utah Department of Transportation crews in the Salt Lake Valley.


Construction crews working on I-15 along the Wasatch Front near Draper damaged utility lines on Monday, disrupting internet service for AT&T and Centurylink customers. Customers of Wicked Fast internet in Park City were also affected.


Wicked Fast says their service began coming back online shortly after 11am Tuesday morning and a representative told KPCW their whole network was affected, but did not disclose how many customers experienced service outages.


UDOT Public Information Officer John Gleason said as of Tuesday afternoon, AT&T repairs have been completed and the majority of repairs to Centurylink equipment should be completed later Tuesday night, but could stretch into Wednesday morning.


“I know most of them have been returned to service, but there may still be a few repairs that are going into tonight and even tomorrow morning, but for the good majority of customers, their service has been restored,” said Gleason.


Gleason added the event was an accident and the department is working closely with AT&T and Centurylink to straighten out the situation.


“Any time something like that happens, that’s something that we want to avoid and we want to apologize to anybody who was affected by any service outage,” he said. “This is something we’re working closely with AT&T and Centurylink to remedy and to get service back up for any customers that were affected.”


As of Tuesday evening, Wicked Fast’s website says their network is 100% operational.