Shuttle Service From Homestake Lot On Hold, Effective May 11

May 10, 2019

Credit kpcw

Park City Municipal will be suspending the operation of the Homestake shuttle and lot until winter, at the earliest. 

Park City Transportation Planning Manager Alfred Knotts says the City has noted an average of five cars in the Homestake lot on any given evening, pointing to a lack of use of the park-and-ride and shuttle. Knotts says continuing service there wouldn’t be fiscally or environmentally responsible, and that bus drivers are already spread thin across the transit system.

The lot and shuttle were intended to address parking needs for Old Town employees, after the City implemented paid parking on Main Street in December 2017. Employees needed to register their car and provide the name of their Main Street employer with the City to be able to park in the lot.

Knotts suggests the free parking available on Park Ave., North Marsac and Sandridge as alternatives to Homestake as well as the Ecker Hill park-and-ride and dial-a-ride program. Shuttle service from Homestake ends Saturday, May 11.