Summit County Releases More Information About COVID-19 Spike

Aug 24, 2020

Summit County released more information Monday about a private birthday party in early August that health officials believe has led to at least 75 new cases of COVID-19.

Rich Bullough, Director & Health Officer for the Summit County Health Department, released the following statement Monday evening:

"As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities, we want to share some additional information related to the recent event that has contributed to the increase in new cases.

We can confirm that the event was a private social event held at a lodging facility in Park City. Facility management has been cooperative as we have gathered information related to the event. The rumors about the involved business being a restaurant or bar are confirmed to be untrue.

Now is a good time to once again remind everyone that we should act as if we personally have COVID-19, and that those around us also do. With that in mind, we may protect ourselves and others by physical distancing, wearing a face covering, and following hand washing and other cleaning standards."

On Thursday, August 20, Summit County Health Department announced a significant increase in new COVID-19 cases, saying it is primarily associated with a private party where face coverings were not widely used. Most of the new cases are in Western Summit County in adults ages 25-44.

On Monday, Bullough said new cases have plateaued, and the county is getting better cooperation in the investigation. Summit County Attorney Margaret Olson tells KPCW that no legal action regarding the party has been determined yet.

Summit County officials will not identify the lodging facility where the party was held.  As of this report, KPCW is in the process of filing a public records request with the county to obtain that information.  

815 COVID-19 cases have been reported in Summit County since the pandemic began in March, with 53 hospitalizations and one death. Bullough told KPCW Saturday that no new hospitalizations have been tied to the recent outbreak.