Summit Land Conservancy Hosts Adventure, Watches Lawmakers

Feb 6, 2020

Credit Summit Land Conservancy

The calendar for Summit Land Conservacy in the near future includes a snow gathering this week; while the group keeps an eye on the Utah Legislature.   

Cheyl Fox, director of the Summit Land Conservancy, said she’s happy that the governor’s proposed budget includes money for the LeRay McAllister Fund to preserve open space.

Fox said they have used that money a couple of times.       

“It has, as all funds do, some interesting strings attached.   But we certainly have used it especially in the big-landscape-scale projects that we do that protect sage grouse habitat.  And we found that that is a really important funding source to help those landowners who want to—they got thousands of rangeland.   In the past, people have said, “Well, what’s the threat, right?  It’s just these thousands of acres of rangeland up outside of Coalville or Hoytsville.   Then something like Wohali comes up and you’re like, that would be the threat.  So there’s definitely development pressure on this big vast rangelands.”

Meanwhile, the Conservancy is investigating four offers they’ve received from separate owners to preserve their land.   Fox said they can’t disclose details at this point.

On another item, the Conservancy is hosting another Moonshine Adventure this weekend.   But where the previous outings were held at the Park City Resort, Fox said this gathering is Feb. 7th, 7 p.m., at the Osguthorpe farm on Old Ranch Road.        

“People need to bring their own snowshoes, or their own classic cross-country gear, and a headlamp.  We will provide hot cider and some camaraderie.   But it’s just basically, once you get out on that property, it really is amazing how big it is—how big 160 acres are.  We do need people to sign a waiver, and sign up, because we know how much hot cider to bring.”

For further information about the event, go online to ‘”