Wasatch County to Reconsider Bonanza Flat Contribution

Apr 11, 2017

A member of the Wasatch County Council is asking his colleagues to consider a contribution to save Bonanza Flat – the nearly 14-hundred acres that are in Wasatch County and Park City is hoping to purchase.  In a tweet on April 7, Wasatch County Council member Danny Goode gave his followers a heads up that the request would be on the agenda for April 12th. KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher has more.

The Wasatch County Council meets Wednesday at 4.  On the agenda is discussion and possible action regarding Park City’s $38 million dollar purchase of Bonanza Flats.  Wasatch County Council member Danny Goode tells KPCW he will be asking the council to approve an amount of 10 to 50-thousand dollars toward the purchase price. He says this is the first time the Wasatch County Council has had a chance to participate in the conservation of open space other than zoning and development approvals since he’s been on the council. Further, he says it’s part of the county’s mission  

A request to contribute towards saving Bonanza Flat had been discussed at an earlier meeting, but the consensus was that the county’s contribution should be considered as the millions of dollars of property tax revenue the county would be giving up if the property was developed. Goode agrees it is a donation, of sorts, but says the time is now to act on something they won’t have a chance to consider again.

Some of his constituents feel that a better place to put their money is the open they drive by every day – the North Fields. While Goode  agrees that too is important, he says Bonanza Flat is a more immediate need.

He’s hopeful he can convince his fellow council members to contribute something. The  Wasatch County Council meets at 4 o’clock Wednesday at the Council Chambers at 25 North Main Street in Heber City.