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KPCW's Mountain Money covers the unique challenges of working in a mountain town by providing small business news, real estate, estate planning, and personal finance information.  The show also features new businesses in town, while also checking in with local favorites. 

The program is produced by Alison Kuhlow, who also co-hosts along with financial expert Doug Wells and lawyer Roger Goldman. 

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Assisted living facilities have experienced unprecedented complications from the Coronavirus.  Kate Olsen is the Administrator of the Beehive House, an assisted living facility in Park City.  Kate joins Mountain Money to discuss changes to their operations and industry in general.

Update on Wasatch Back Real Estate Market

Apr 20, 2020

  Real Estate is an important part of the economy along the Wasatch Back. William Winstead, President of the Park City Board of Realtors has been practicing real estate in Park City since 1992 and joins Mountain Money today to give listeners snapshot of what has happened in the real estate market over the past five weeks.

Hawaii's COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Apr 20, 2020

Many states and communities are discussing plans about reopening the economy while ensuring the reopening does not reinvigorate the virus.  Sumner La Croix, is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Economics at the University of Hawai‘i-Mānoa and is a research fellow with the University of Hawaii Economic Research Organization. Sumner was key to the development of a plan to reopen Hawaii’s economy.  Sumner joins Mountain Money to walk through the different measures and timelines the plan includes.




With more of us at home and driving less, Allstate Insurance has announced a Shelter-in-Place Payback of more than $600 million with paybacks occurring during the months of April and May for our auto insurance customers. Steve Robertson recently took over the Allstate Office on Main Street and joins Mountain Money this morning to talk about the paybacks as well as other insurance topics to look into at this time.

Flight Boutique is a locally owned women’s clothing shop on Main Street.  Locals Blaire Isleib opened Flight in 2009, with co-owner Kristin Doyon.  Flight talks with Mountain Money about adjusting operations with innovative ideas to continue serving customers during this health emergency.

The Importance of Medical Directives

Apr 13, 2020

Tim Beppler with Long, Reimer, Winegar and joined Mountain Money to talk about the importance of having a medical directive, especially during this current health emergency.

COVID-19 Employment Regulations

Apr 6, 2020

Mark Tollman, an employment attorney with Jones Waldo joins Mountain Money to discuss employment questions that arise during COVID-19, from paid leave to family care issues.


Negotiating Leases During COVID-19

Apr 6, 2020

The local business community has identified rent reductions and relief as a top need during this time.  Both landlords and tenants each have their own obligations to meet. How can each side work better with the other and what terms can be explored to find the best solution for all parties? 


Scott DuBois and Greg Cropper, with Jones Waldo, join us to help our listeners navigate this situation.




Facebook Partners with Local Communities

Apr 6, 2020

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, local communities are forced to change everything about daily life with mandated social distancing and with most states under stay at home orders. As people become physically isolated, Facebook has partnered with local communities, state and local governments, and small businesses in Utah.

Ana Martinez, Policy Manager at Facebook to discuss its partnerships with local communities, state and local governments, and small businesses in Utah.


Alpine Distilling was founded in 2016 by owner/Master Distiller Rob Sergent and Sara Sergent.  Alpine Distilling's products range from vodka, whiskey, gin and flavored cordials.  The distillery recently expanded their product line to include hand sanitizer.

Rob shares the ideas and thoughts that started this journey and how they are distributing the product to first responders in Summit County.

How the Defense Production Act Works

Mar 30, 2020

Over the past few days, much attention has been paid to shortages of the kinds of goods and supplies needed by the medical personnel on the front lines of fighting COVID-19. 

Ed Shapiro, former Assistenat General Counsel for the Department of Defense and current Senior Advisor at the Chertoff Group, walks listeners through the history of the Defense Production Act and how it is being used during the current pandemic.

Support Heber Valley Businesses

Mar 30, 2020

Dallin Koecher, with the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce, explained the impacts to Heber Valley businesses from COVID-19 regulations and changes to social interactions.  Koecher highlights ways the community can continue to support local businesses.

For a list of businesses remaining open please visit Open Heber Valley

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Many in our community are concerned about what our finances will look like over the coming weeks and months.  Erin Lowry, millennial personal finance expert and author of Broke Millennial  speaks with Mountain Money to help us understand the best choices we can make with our money right now.


Ami Kassar joins Mountain Money to speak to business owners about what they need to know about the current emergency loans offered by the government and key elements needed for a successful outcome in this challenging time.

Ami Kassar is the founder and chief executive officer of MultiFunding, a Philadelphia-based consulting firm that specializes in helping business owners across the United States develop creative, cost-saving alternatives for their business debt needs and structure.