Cathy Lanigan

July Book Review: 'Project Hail Mary'

Jul 14, 2021

Get ready to cheer for the unlikely hero of the summer – a middle school science teacher. Project Hail Mary, by Andy Weir, takes its readers on a breathtaking mission with only the fate of humankind in the balance. Cathy Lanigan is here with the review.

March Book Review 'The Cold Millions'

Mar 15, 2021

Just over a hundred years ago, Americans were battling over workers’ rights, police brutality, freedom of speech, and political corruption in ways that would feel remarkably familiar today. Cathy Lanigan reviews Jess Walter’s latest historical novel, The Cold Millions.

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Great historical fiction combines engrossing entertainment with fresh details of places, times, and people different from our own. The best historical fiction does that and makes it relevant and meaningful today.


How do people in power use their office to control citizens? Kiran Millwood Hargrave’s historical fiction of Norway four hundred years ago feels surprisingly timely.