Dr. Wing Province


The coronavirus vaccine is 95% effective, but not until both doses have been given. Once vaccinated, it doesn’t mean that mask wearing and social distancing ends.

Intermountain Healthcare

COVID-19 testing in Park City headed indoors this week as the state continues to struggle so get the current surge in cases under control. We have details on when, where, and why you should get tested.


The current Utah COVID-19 spike continued this week with another record-setting day on Thursday with 1,501 new cases reported by the Utah Department of Health. An additional 1,343 cases were reported on Friday.


On today's Local News Hour:

( 00:01) Charlie Sturgis has this week's Mountain Trails Report.

( 05:01) Dr. Wing Province with Park City Hospital about changes to COVID testing

( 22 :39) Park City Councilmember Max Doilney has a update on the  Hideout Anexation.

( 35:01) Rotary member Jim Whitney has details on this year's virtual Shot Ski to raise money for Sunrise Rotary.

Medical director and emergency medical physician at Park City Hospital, Dr. Wing Province, joins The Mountain Life to give a update on COVID-19. He discusses the extreme importance of wearing a mask and dispels the myths about masks that you might see on social media. He also talks about asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic transmission and the latest research on the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Park City Municipal

The City Council round table theme this week brought in the leaders of Park City’s front line COVID-19 responders. At times, heart wrenching, the panelists talked openly about their experiences since the first days of the outbreak and what they believe must happen to keep us all as safe as possible as we re-open the economy and invite visitors back to Summit County.

  Today The Mountain Life  speaks with Dr. Wing Province, an emergency physician at both Park City and Heber Valley Hospitals. He's a family man, a lover of outdoors, and a Harvard-trained MBA. Dr. Province is also the newly named Park City Hospital Medical Director.