Wiper, like the one posted, are among the fish available in the Wasatch Mountain State Park community pond. The pond has lifted the daily bag limit from two to unlimited from now through the end of the year
Division of Wildlife Resources

Anglers who visit the Wasatch Mountain State Park community pond usually can bring home just two fish at the end of the day. Thanks to a recent change, there’s now no limit to the fish you can bag from the pond from now until the end of the year.

ST. GEORGE, UTAH (AP) - Arizona and Utah wildlife officials are considering a plan to kill off an invasive species in an effort to protect another fish in the Virgin River.

The Spectrum reports wildlife officials are meeting Wednesday in Mesquite to discuss the plan. It would involve using the chemical rotenone to kill off the red shiner and restore habitat for the rare woundfin.

Officials say the plan calls for treating the river this summer, and would involve restricting some access to the river.