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Park City Mayor Andy Beerman announced at an October city council meeting the State Route 248 corridor project to alleviate traffic congestion would look much different from what the Utah Department of Transportation initially recommended. Here's what the community can likely expect.

Around 3:15 on Wednesday afternoon construction crews hit a gas line near the intersection of Kearns Boulevard and Cooke Drive. Crews hit the line while working on the pedestrian tunnel which will go underneath 248 near Park City High School.

Park City Police and Fire Departments closed Kearns Boulevard shortly after learning of the leak. Dominion Energy arrived on the scene and was able to cap the gas leak a little after 5:00 pm.

During that time traffic was rerouted between Sidewinder Drive and Wyatt Earp Way and later Sidewinder and Comstock Drive.

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The Park City Council addressed publicly for the first time the Utah Department of Transportation’s State Route 248 project at the Council meeting Thursday, hours before the public comment period ended. 

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After a 30-day comment period and one public hearing, Park City community members had one last opportunity to express their feelings on the SR 248 corridor project at the Park City Council meeting Thursday. 

“It’s going to decrease property values throughout Prospector."

"Squeezing the balloon—you know what happens when the balloon gets full? Pop!"

"I think it’s important that the Council comes out and says that the plan proposed by UDOT is not acceptable.”

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The Park City Transportation team will present an overview of the State Route 248 environmental assessment to the City Council Thursday. 

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At more than 1400 pages, the draft of the environmental assessment for State Route 248 is finished. Now, it’s the public’s turn to weigh in.

Park City and the Utah Department of Transportation will need to launch an environmental assessment study before any improvements can be made to State Route 248. This means it could be two more years before there's traffic relief for Park City's back entrance. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more.