Park City School District Master Planning

Park City School District / PCSD

The Park City Board of Education Tuesday established a building authority which will give them the power to use lease revenue bonds as a way to pay for capital projects without going through the public vetting process – an election.

The unanimous vote now gives the Park City School Board the authority to start construction on an $84-million expansion of the Park City High School to add the 9th grade as well as a $43-million expansion of Ecker Hill Middle School to add room for 8th graders.



The Board of Education launched a master planning process in the fall of 2018 to determine what the future of education should be in Park City. Community input has guided the process and as of last week, the architects unveiled detailed plans to the school board.

After 18 months of stakeholder meetings, MHTN Architects was hired in January to take the master plan to the next level by showing what campuses and learning centers would look like under these new guidelines.


The Park City School Board of Education gave the thumbs up to district administration to hire a bond architectural firm and begin the work of putting price tags on recently approved master planning programs.

Five bond architects responded to Park City School District’s request for proposal. A committee has been selected to choose one firm by the first of the year. Once identified, they will provide detailed costs for each of the initiatives that have come out of the year-long master planning effort.

Park City School District / PCSD

The Park City School District will host a public forum on Tuesday evening to gather more input on the facilities and grade alignment options that were established through the district’s nine-month master planning efforts. They’re hoping to hear community feedback and explain how they developed the four alternatives known as Options A,B,C and D.

PCSD Master Planning Open House Draws Few People

Mar 4, 2019
Carolyn Murray


Two public input meetings were held by the Park City School District Master Planning Committee last week. About 10 people came to the meeting at the high school on Wednesday and fewer than that showed up at Ecker Hill the following evening.

In 2015, the Park City School District embarked on a comprehensive master planning effort. The recommendation from that effort was to bond for $56 million-dollars to build new and expanded facilities. It failed at the ballot box.

School Board Set to Approve New Communications Director

Aug 14, 2017
Park City School District

The Park City School Board meets Tuesday at 4 pm with a full agenda.  A Strategic Planning presentation kicks it off and they’re expected to approve hiring a Communications Director who will manage messaging for the school district.  

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