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Park City High School Student Wins Innovator Award

May 17, 2019
Nicholas Markels

 A 17-year-old Park City High School PC Caps student won the Edison Award last month for his bio-degradable multi-function plastic spoon, fork, knife utensil.

Park City High School Senior, Nicholas Markels says it was a surprise to learn his invention, called the sporknife, won the Edison Award grand prize for innovation and design. He submitted 3-D images, engineering designs and a photograph of the prototype he had built.

2017 PC CAPS Recognition / PCSD


The Park City Center for Advanced Professional Studies, PC CAPS is an experiential, real world learning model offered at the Park City High School. A documentary film called Where Student’s Lead is made by students and presents the new learning paradigm. It shows how CAPS programs can inspire high schoolers as they make their way into the real world whether they’re career, or college bound.

Cool Science Radio - December 7, 2017

Dec 7, 2017

John and Lynn speak with best-selling author of seven books, Steven Johnson, who is back with a book called "Wonderland:  How Play Made the Modern world," about how innovation throughout history has been linked to sheer amusement. Then, a conversation about computer science, engineering, and digital design with students of the PC CAPS program at Park City High School and their teacher and mentor.