renewable energy

Summit County

The Summit County Council on June 3rd discussed their Community Renewable Energy plan.    Despite some unexpected changes in the financing,  the consensus from Council Members was to stay with the plan.

The county has joined up with Park City, Grand County and several other local governments in a plan to receive a net 100 percent  of their electricity from renewable sources, in league with Rocky Mountain Power.

Rocky Mountain Power

Summit County and Park City are among a growing number of Utah communities who have indicated they want to participate in the Community Renewable Energy Program with Rocky Mountain Power.

The county’s Sustainability Coordinator, Lisa Yoder, visited KPCW to give us an indication of what comes next.

Under the program, communities can indicate that they want to obtain their electricity from 100 percent renewable sources by at least 2030.

State representatives on the Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Interim Committee heard from local representatives and Rocky Mountain Power about efforts to provide municipalities with renewable energy options.

The meeting, held at the capitol building, addressed efforts to provide options for those communities interested in investing in renewable energy.

Local representatives and Rocky Mountain Power appealed to the committee to change regulations to allow the agreement to move forward. Park City Regional Environmental Sustainability Manager Luke Cartin explains.

The representatives of the Canyons Resort are hoping to get a decision on their Amended SPA Master Plan from the County Council at their December 13th meeting. Last week they went through a list of items put forward by the County. One item that caught them off-guard, however, was a request from a council member to join in pursuing a renewable-energy deadline. Rick Brough has more.

Even with overwhelming public support for renewable energy - Utah's renewable energy production has remained stagnant.  But HEAL Utah - and some Summit County residents - hope to change that.  KPCW's Leslie Thatcher reports.