Pete Stoughton

Co-Host The Mountain Life

Pete Stoughton is the Brand Relations Manager at Trail and Ultra Running as well as the Director of Programs at CCPC.  Basically, he is the behind the scenes guy at TAUR.  When he's not getting his TAUR on, or running 2-3,000 miles a year.  His own personal running ranges from 100 mile races to track workouts.  Nevertheless, a scenic run with friends is were he finds inner peace. 

Pete also has a beautiful family and an amazingly patient wife.  Pete has been writing for TAUR since 2012.  Prior to TAUR, Pete worked closely with many brands on product development and testing, such as Merrell, Hoka, Brooks, GoreTex, patagonia and more.

Pete Stoughton and Lynn Ware Peek have a special Thanksgiving edition of The Mountain Life. It’s time to talk Thanksgiving food and wine with local experts. Brook Kirchheimer of Hearth and Hill Restaurant will talk about new twists on old classics, his beloved traditions and how his restaurant helps feed a community in celebration of this annual feast. 

In this Thanksgiving episode of The Mountain Life, Kirsten Fox, executive sommelier at the Fox School of Wine joins the show to let us in on some great pairings for our favorite dishes. Will it be red? White? Bubbly? Big and bold or light and fruity?

Katherine May, a writer of both fiction and nonfiction joins The Mountain Life. In her book WINTERING: The Power of Rest and Retreat During Difficult Times, Katherine addresses those times in life when unforeseen circumstances derail you (think: an abrupt illness, the death of a loved one, a job loss, or a global pandemic). She calls these periods of dislocation wintering

Today on The Mountain Life, Lynn and Pete are joined by New York Times bestselling author Denise Kiernan who talks about the history of Thanksgiving and the woman who helped create the national holiday. Her new book is called We Gather Together and she traces how long we’ve been coming together and practicing gratitude. It’s sociology and history of this revered holiday all in one.

In this episode of The Mountain Life Amalia Andrade is the guest. Amalia is an illustrator and author who grew up in Bogota, Colombia during the peak of the drug wars, when kidnapping children and adults was a regular practice and most lived in fear. Her new book is Things You Think About When You Bite Your Nails: A Fear and Anxiety Workbook.

In this episode of The Mountain Life Mirna Valerio, an American runner who advocates for inclusion in the running community towards people who do not have stereotypically lean and muscular bodies. Mirna is National Geographic 2018 Adventurer of the Year ultramarathon runner and she is a self-described “big girl”.

  In this episode of The Mountain Life author Rosie Mercado talks with Lynn about her journey. Rosie is an American plus-size model, fashion designer and television personality of Mexican descent who lost over 200 pounds and now shares her story in a memoir, The Girl With the Self Esteem Issues

In this episode of The Mountain Life Charles J. Fuschillo, CEO of the Alzheimer's Foundation of America talks about an upcoming free virtual conference on November 10th 2020 about dealing with Alzheimer's - whether from the perspective of a family member or an afflicted patient. 

In this episode of The Mountain Life Tom Kelly, Board Member of the Alf Egen Museum at Utah Olympic Park comes on to talk about the RAP tax. This tax is voted on for it's continuence every 10 years known as proposition 21 on the 2020 ballot. The Recreation Arts and Parks (RAP) is a .1% sales tax that raises almost 2 million dollars a year.  The monies are allocated to non profit applicants like the Alf Egen Museum to help with the programs they offer to the community. 

In this episode of The Mountain Life Utah Avalanche Center forecaster and local resident Craig Gordon and author Edward Power join the program. Craig is one of the subjects of a recently released book by Edward Power, Dragons in the Snow: Avalanche Detectives and the Race to Beat Death in the Mountains.

In this episode of The Mountain Life the new Chief of Urology at Park City Hospital, Dr. Joshua Stern is the guest. Dr. Stern joins Lynn and Pete to talk kidney stones from A to Z. In his previous practice in New York, he developed an integrated, high volume kidney stone center that focused on innovative approaches to endoscopic kidney stone surgery.

Lynn and Pete are joined in this episode of The Mountain Life by the author, entrepreneur, speaker, and podcaster James Whittaker.  James has edited and annotated Andrew Carnegie's Mental Dynamite by Napolean Hill which reveals how Andrew Carnegie went from penniless immigrant to one of the wealthiest people -- and greatest philanthropists -- the world has ever seen.

In this episode of The Mountain Life, Pete Stoughton and Lynn Ware Peek's guest is Jennifer Lentzke, a board-certified specialist in Sports Dietetics, a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian and cyclist. Jennifer has been practicing as a dietitian for 10 years, racing triathlon professionally for 7 years, and has a passion for nutrition and helping people.

In this episode of The Mountain Life Dr. Kelly Woodward, medical director of the LiveWell Center at Park City Hospital. Dr. Woodward joined the show to talk about new research surrounding the importance of sleep and men's health month. 

In this episode of The Mountain Life hosts Lynn and Pete are joined by journalist Jeff Hobbs who, in his research, accompanied four high school seniors at two very different schools within the city of Los Angeles--the second largest school district in the nation with nearly 700,000 students. Writing with heart, sensitivity, and insight, Hobbs captures the challenges and triumphs of being a young person confronting the future—both their own and the cultures in which they live—in contemporary America.