Pete Stoughton

Co-Host The Mountain Life

Pete Stoughton is the Brand Relations Manager at Trail and Ultra Running as well as the Director of Programs at CCPC.  Basically, he is the behind the scenes guy at TAUR.  When he's not getting his TAUR on, or running 2-3,000 miles a year.  His own personal running ranges from 100 mile races to track workouts.  Nevertheless, a scenic run with friends is were he finds inner peace. 

Pete also has a beautiful family and an amazingly patient wife.  Pete has been writing for TAUR since 2012.  Prior to TAUR, Pete worked closely with many brands on product development and testing, such as Merrell, Hoka, Brooks, GoreTex, patagonia and more.

On The Mountain Life, Lynn Ware Peek and Pete Stoughton will be speaking with Dr. Jennifer Haley, a dermatologist who focuses on a whole-body approach to dermatology.

She helps patients develop the perspective to understand that skin reflects their internal health and then helps them create healthy plans that are good for the body, both inside and out.

Dr. Haley is also the host of a podcast called Radiance Revealed. 


On The Mountain Life, Lora Smith, the new Executive Director of Mountainn Trails Foundation comes on the along with her new executive assistant, Ian Hartley.

They will talk about the trails system in Park City, what’s new and exciting for the summer and how the organization is evolving since the retirement of local legend Charlie Sturgis.  

On The Mountain Life, Pete Stoughton and Lynn Ware Peek speak with former spy turned stay-at-home mom, Christina Hillsberg, who provides a groundbreaking guide to parenting based on her experience as a CIA analyst.

On The Mountain Life, Gregg Davison and Savannah Fine of Park City Toastmasters come on to talk with Pete and Lynn.

Together, they share ways in which we can all improve our public speaking skills. 

On The Mountain Life, Matt Frazier and Robert Cheeke join the show.

They are the co-authors of The Plant-Based Athlete – a definitive guide to going to a plant-based diet especially as an athlete. 

They discuss the research that proves a plant-based diet offers athletes the greatest possible recovery times, cell oxidation, injury prevention, and restorative sleep – plus, it allows athletes to train more effectively with better results.


On The Mountain Life, Brody Gibson, Clinical Research Coordinator at Intermountain Healthcare, joins the show to discuss how community members from Summit and Wasatch counties have a unique opportunity to participate in a groundbreaking global genetic study called HerediGene: Population Study.

This will be the largest healthcare genomics study from a single population in the world.

On The Mountain Life, best-selling author and ultramarathoning legend Dean Karnazes comes on.

Karnazes has pushed his body and mind to inconceivable limits, from running in the shoe-melting heat of Death Valley to the lung-freezing cold of the South Pole.

He’s raced and competed across the globe and even ran 50 marathons, in 50 states, in 50 consecutive days. 

On The Mountain Life, Park City resident Pete Egoscue, an anatomical physiologist and the creator of the Egoscue Method, joins the Lynn and Pete.

The Egoscue method is known as a safe and effective program used to provide permanent relief from chronic pain without prescription painkillers or invasive surgery.

This exercise therapy has been acclaimed worldwide for treating chronic musculoskeletal pain.



On The Mountain Life, Lynn Ware Peek and Pete Stoughton bring Thomas Moore on the show.

Moore is a Jungian psychotherapist, former monk and author of popular spiritual books, including the New Your Times bestseller, Care of the Soul.

They discuss his latest book titled: SOUL THERAPY: The Art & Craft of Caring Conversations.



On The Mountain Life, Deanna Rhodes, Executive Director of CONNECT Summit County, provides a debrief of May Mental Health Awareness month.

Rhodes shares the impacts made by destigmatizing mental illness and supporting those with mental health challenges. 

On The Mountain Life, Lynn Ware Peek and Pete Stoughton welcome entrepreneur, researcher, and advocate, Maxine Bédat.

In her book, Unraveled: The Life and Death of a Garment, Bédat follows the life of an American icon – a pair of jeans. She does so to reveal what really happens in the clothing industry.

On The Mountain Life, Brent Wursten, Emergency Room RN at Intermountain Healthcare, joins the show to provide some safety precautions when it comes to recreating in the mountains, including important mountain biking safety tips that could keep you out of the emergency room this summer.


On The Mountain Life, Pete and Lynn are speaking with bestselling author Daniel James Brown, who penned the non-fiction novel Boys in the Boat.

Brown will be sharing more about his new book, Facing the Mountain. This new novel is based on four Japanese-American families and their sons who volunteered for military service and displayed uncommon heroism.

On The Mountain Life, local entrepreneur and ultra runner Brian Beckstead joins the show to talk about his rumming shoe company.

Beckstead is the co-founder of Altra Running Shoes, which he launched in 2010 as a college student.

The inspiration for the new shoe design came from Beckstead wanting to avoid the painful blisters he got while running the Wasatch 100. 

On The Mountain Life, Pete Stoughton and Lynn Ware Peek speak with Steve Grant, author of Don’t Forget Me: A Lifeline of HOPE for Those Touched by Substance Abuse and Addiction.

Don’t Forget Me tells the story of Grant’s two sons, Chris and Kelly, who took distinctly different paths, but had the same tragic outcome. Both sadly passed away due to a drug overdose.

On the show, Grant will preview a talk he’s scheduled to give on May 25 in Park City as part of CONNECT Summit County's May Mental Health Awareness Month.