Wendy Gourley

Fundraising Manager

Wendy Gourley was looking for a story worth telling, and boy did she find it at KPCW! She is excited to join the team that tells the stories of the Wasatch Back with such passion and care. A writer with a background in arts and events management, she has applied her diverse skills everywhere from the Kennedy Center and UVU, to her latest work with the Ben McAdams’ Congressional campaign.

Wendy used to live in Park City in the 90’s, where she taught hundreds of kids through the Youtheatre program at the Egyptian Theatre and the Colby School. She is thrilled to be back and to have the opportunity to connect with this vibrant community once more .

The latest Spider-Man movie is being examined by a person who admits she’s mostly a stranger in the Marvel Universe.

Here I am, once again reviewing a movie in a genre I don’t know much about. “Spider-Man: Far From Home” is the latest installment from Marvel Studios and I have only seen a few Avenger movies. But perhaps this makes me the perfect lab rat to test whether this movie is strong enough to stand on its own or if it’s full of weak storytelling that has to lean on the whole franchise for support.

A new Spider-Man film is out, and though there have been a handful of films featuring the web-slinging superhero--even played by a few different actors--you don't need to have seen every one of them to understand the latest iteration. You may, however, have to have watched a dozen other Marvel films to know what's going on. Casual superhero movie watcher Wendy Gourley and Marvel Cinematic Universe enthusiast Emily Means discuss Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Today on the Morning Mix, John and Wendy's guests  included, musical guest Alicia Stockman, Paul Askin  stopped by to talk about Heber Valley Summer Concerts in the Park,  Leta Slupic, Brent Haines and Shelley Morningsong, flute makers and musicians, were in studio to talk about the annual Solstice Flute School and Festival at the Homestead Resort in Midway. And of course, John and Wendy updated weekend events in Park City and Heber Valley.

Today on The Morning Mix,  John and Wendy's guests  include: Robert Bartco who is our musical guest for the hour. Jocelyn Scudder joins us to talk about Symphony pop-ups in Park City and Heber Valley this summer. Jennifer Lauer and Jake Arnold who have just opened the Provocateur Gallery in Redstone are in studio. Fast-rising artist Tyler Shields joins us as well. And of course, we will tell you all about weekend events in Park City and Heber Valley.

Following the example of “Bohemian Rhapsody” a new film telling the story of a rock n roll legend has hit the big screen.

KPCW is pleased to welcome a new member of the Friday Film review crew. For her debut, Wendy Gourley is stepping out of her comfort zone and taking a look at the new horror film, "The Curse of La Llorona"

I admit I’m not a big fan of horror movies, so you might wonder why I chose “The Curse of La Llorona” for my first Friday Film Review. I owe it all to La Llorona herself and my fascination with folklore.