Cool Science Radio - December 17, 2015

Dec 17, 2015

Credit Mark Maziarz
  This morning Lynn and John speak with Jerry Kaplan, author of Humans Need Not Apply.  After billions of dollars and fifty years of effort, researchers are finally cracking the code on artificial intelligence. Kaplan updates the latest advances I robotics, machine learning and perception powering systems that rival or exceed human capabilities. The second guest is Kara Platoni, author of We Have the Technology: How Biohackers, Foodies, Physicians, and Scientists Are Transforming Human Perception, One Sense at a Time. How do we know what’s real? That’s not a trick question: sensory science is increasingly finding that we don’t perceive reality: we create it through perception. In We Have the Technology, science writer Kara Platoni guides us through the latest developments in the science of sensory perception. The third guest is Alex Travis, VMD, Ph.D. Cornell University an Associate Professor of Reproductive Biology. Research leads to first puppies born by in vitro fertilization. A total of seven puppies were born by in vitro fertilization, two from a beagle mom and cocker spaniel dad, and five from two pairings of beagle moms and dads.