Director Amy Redford Talks About The Sundance Festival, Her Career And Utah

Dec 27, 2018

Ahead of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival KPCW spoke with Director and Utah resident Amy Redford about the festival, her career and her return to the Beehive State.

Sundance Institute’s 10th annual An Artist at the Table, is January 24th. One of the events co-chairs Amy Redford spoke with KPCW about the fundraiser.

“There’s so much going on during that time period that you get to actually ground yourself with actual artists that make the films. So, you are sitting at a table and you’re like oh hi Boots Riley, tell me about what your next film is. Or hi person who is terrified and excited and someone you haven’t necessarily heard of yet, but you might over the next coming year. You get a little bit of insight into their process. It’s nice to reconnect to why we’re all here, which is really about the filmmakers and about the authenticity of their stories. It’s kind of a really rare opportunity to be able to really dive in to these artists while you’re hearing music, while you’re having some food. You’re getting to know people you’re going to run into on the bus or the street or waiting in line. I think it’s really a great opportunity.”

Redford, a director in her own right, understands the feelings of those first-time artists.

“My first feature debuted here which was really a great opportunity and equally terrifying. Now I’ve just been very involved with the institute and supporting their programs.”

Amy Redford is the daughter of actor Robert Redford. She spoke about her career path.

“I’m actually an actress in recovery. I was an actress for 20 years on the stage in New York. My heart really lies in directing. I started a film company here with Katy Bettner called BetRed Stories. We’re going to produce all of our contact out of Utah. I have a film shooting in southern Utah and I’m going to use mainly Utah talent. I’ve always been influenced by the strategy, approach and methodology that my dad uses in his filmmaking. I really admire the way he approaches not only the crew, but the actors and the stories he likes to tell. Having that kind of mentorship for I think both my brother and I has been incredibly meaningful but of course we’re our own people. It’s kind of hard to compare.”

Redford recently was the featured artist at the Kimball Center Art Talk. She told listeners what she spoke about that evening.

“It was really about my journey back to Utah and my enthusiasm for the film community here. Sort of giving a really good insight into why Utah, why now? There’re so many different organizations that are kind of galvanizing the film community. I’m a real fan of the incentives that we have here, and boy isn’t it nice to be able to plan your film and then get on the slopes in 15 minutes. I’ve just moved back in August with my family and it’s really been a wonderful opportunity. The state is just percolating with inventiveness right now.”