Heber City Offers Parking Citation Forgiveness Program

Feb 8, 2021

Credit Heber City

If you recently got a parking ticket in Heber City, there’s a way for you to avoid paying the fines.

In a Facebook announcement, Heber City Mayor Kelleen Potter said the city is holding a food drive to forgive parking citations.

People aren’t allowed to park on the street in Heber during a snowstorm or after when officials are trying to clear the roads. Potter said Heber City police have given out more than 300 tickets the last few weeks for violations. 

She said people can bring five or more non expired, nonperishable items to the Heber City Administration Building on Main Street, the Heber City Police Department or City Public Works. 

"That's something exciting that's happening in Heber and we hope that everyone can participate and drive safe and don't park on the streets during the snow," she said.

Citizens can bring both the nonperishables and the citation for forgiveness. Potter said the city’s also accepting donations from people who haven’t received citations.