Leadership Park City Applications Closing Soon For 25th Class

Aug 17, 2018

Applications are closing soon for the 25th class at Leadership Park City
Credit Park City Municipal

Applications for the 25th Leadership Park City Class are open now through Friday August 24th.

Founder and Director Myles Rademan says the Leadership Park City program is open to those who live or work in the greater Park City area and want to give back to their community.

“It’s for people who really want to contribute back to the community. This is not a program that’s designed for academic credit. It’s not an academic program where you’re going to find lots of theories on leadership. It’s not a program to pad your resume to get a better job.” Rademan continued, “But it is a program that if you’re interested in contributing back to the Park City community and meeting a lot of other people who are interested in doing that and building your network of friends and colleagues and people who probably will be important in your life. Then this is the program to do it.”

Applications are available on Park Cities Website. Rademan encourages those interested in applying to check the schedule beforehand.

“We tried to make it fit into the Park City lifestyle which we know is busy and full of recreation. So, the sessions are almost all on Mondays, and usually almost the last Monday of the month. Most of them go from three in the afternoon to nine at night. There’re 10 sessions, so one a month and we’ll give you dinner there.” Rademan explained, “So, you can have a full day of work and just take off a few hours there and have dinner but there is a commitment. Two of the sessions are all day one is a ropes course at the NAC that we do in October. One is a day at the capital down in Salt Lake City where we start the first day of the legislature. There’s also a five-day city tour that we take in September. There are some commitments there, but we think that by giving you a whole year’s schedule in advance if you’re very serious about it you can try to make accommodations for it.”

Rademan says that filling out the application can be done in about 15-20 minutes. A committee chooses just 30 out of the 100 or so applicants to be in the class.

“I don’t sit on, nor does my assistant Minda or my co-director Matt Dias. None of us sit on that selection committee. It’s made up of 25-30 people each year. We don’t tell anyone else who’s on it. They don’t know who’s on it themselves.” Rademan said, “They read each application individually and score them according to the criteria that are listed on our webpage, so there’s nothing secret about it. Then they get together for one two-hour meeting in early September and they finally chose the class.”

The program has over 600 graduates, with about 350 still living in Park City and contributing to the community.

“If you look at the city council, or the county council you’ll see a majority of them have been through the program. I think a lot of them would have done it without the program, I don’t like to take credit for making people do that. People do tell me every year that its made a big difference in their life. You look at all the non-profits in town I think that all of them on their boards or their executive directors (have participated).” Rademan continued, “It really is a community wide program. It’s open to anyone you don’t have to be—people think you have to be a politician or something. No, we don’t tell you ‘you have to go run for council.’ That’s not part of it, but you do have to have a sincere desire to step forward and make a difference in the community. That’s the key.”

You can fill out an application and learn more about Park City leadership at Park City dot org, or by clicking here.