Midway City Council To Restart Conversation Around Homestead Master Plan

Jul 6, 2020


Credit Midway City

Midway City Council meets Tuesday evening to discuss a variety of development projects in the city, including potentially updating the Homestead Master Plan.


Plans to revitalize the Homestead Resort in Midway have been a topic of conversation for the past year and a half. Now the owners of the resort are coming again to the City Council to ask for a master plan amendment. 


The request includes remodeling existing hotel rooms, building an additional 75 hotel rooms, and the creation of additional facilities including a barn that could host events such as weddings. 


City staff reports the update to the 2008 Homestead Master Plan would not increase density while providing 62 acres of open space. Additional findings shared by the staff included that the project will increase the tax base and help the city comply with resort tax requirements, which require a certain ratio of short-term rooms to residences. 


Last year, a local company’s plans to purchase and revitalize the Homestead Resort were stalled when the company and one of the property owners within the resort were unable to resolve a title issue.