Park City Ed Foundation Beat The Call, Back To School Appeal

Aug 13, 2019

Credit PCEF / PCEF

It’s Back to School and the Park City Education Foundation kicks off their Beat the Call, Back to School Appeal.

The Park City Education Foundation provides additional funding for programs throughout the district. Their campaign asks each family to give a dollar a day or $180.00 a year, for their kid’s education. It’s a program that Executive Director, Abby McNulty says helps to bring enhanced educational experiences to all of Park City’s schools.

“And 96 percent of all tax dollars that are collected in Park City School District are redistributed throughout the state. Money is an issue for our schools and parents and teachers and students deserve the best that we possibly can afford. And so, beyond your taxes, which do get redistributed, we ask you to make private contributions to the school.”

McNulty says teachers submit grant applications for funding education projects in the classroom.

“And, it funds programs your kids probably love. Maker space, robotics, elementary visual arts also known as EVA, coding. The list goes on and on. And, our grants cover every student in the school district from Pre-k to post high school graduation.”

They’ll distribute about $1 million throughout the school district this year. They usually fund about 50 percent of the teacher grant applications.

“Teachers can reapply with the same idea. Our staff and our board are always happy to help answer questions too about what makes a good grant. We provide examples and we go to the faculty rooms and sit and try and work with teachers through their ideas to help them write a strong grant that showcases ideas as best as possible.”

McNulty says there are plenty of opportunities to give over the coming weeks. She reminds parents that nationally, Utah is last in per pupil funding.

“There’s an opportunity to give at registration. If you miss that opportunity, there’s also a chance to give (during) what’s called Beat the Call. And so, you can make your contribution. It’s over a two-week period. And flyers will come home with your students or you can go online. And, if by any chance, you haven’t given, we have a group of students that we work with that will reach out with phone calls.” 

School starts in Park City on Tuesday, August 20th.