Primary Picks Top 4 For November Election

Aug 13, 2013

Preliminary election results are in for the Park City Council Race.

After the polls closed on Tuesday evening and votes were tallied, the four city council candidates who will proceed to the November general municipal election were determined as announced by senior recorder and election official Sharon Bauman..  Those are incumbents Alex Butwinski and Cindy Matsumoto, as well as political newcomers, Tim Henney and Mary Wintzer. 

The vote will not be certified until tomorrow when provisional and absentee votes are accounted for. However, the number of outstanding votes, which numbers about 55, won’t  change the overall outcome of the four top vote getters. 

The number of voters won’t be certified until tomorrow either, but there were 1,044 votes cast.   Some voters chose just one candidate, and some voted for the possible two candidates.  There are 5,470 registered voters within the Park City limits.

Park City Council member Alex Butwinski received the highest number of votes at 270, followed by Old Town resident Mary Wintzer with 259 votes, followed by incumbent Cindy Matsumoto at 233, then Old Town Resident Tim Henney who received 211votes.  Deer Valley resident Lisa Wilson received 41 votes and Old Town resident Bill McKenna got 30 votes.  

Election results will be made official after the city council canvass, which will take place in special session on either Wednesday or Thursday.