Two Elk Safely Removed From Park City Home Window Well

Feb 4, 2020

A calf and cow elk fell into a window well in a Park City home, crews were able to safely remove and relocate the animals.
Credit DWR

Division of Wildlife Resource officers had to remove two elk from a window well in Park City Friday morning.

Park City resident Wade Peers says the calf and cow elk first made their presence known at his home early Friday morning.

“The elk fell into the window well of my son's bedroom at about 2:30 in the morning,” Peers said. “He heard it happen, wasn't sure what the heck it was. Finally got up the courage to look out the window and saw the elk in the window well.”

Peers called the Sheriff’s office who contacted the Division of Wildlife Resources. The DWR came around 7:00 am, Peers also reached out to some friends who brought a mini excavator to help get the animals out. The DWR officers placed a piece of plywood between the glass and the elk and then tranquilized the animals before removing them.

“They jumped down in there and just put the straps around them and hooked the straps up to the excavator,” Peers explained. “They were super careful and took them out really gently and put them on a sort of a sling and loaded them into a horse trailer.”

From there the animals were taken to a new location in Utah county, after being administered a reversal drug to bring them out of sedation they were successfully released. Peers described the whole scenario as unbelievable.  

“We've been in this house for 16 years and I think it's time to get a cover over the window well,” Peers continued. “Something that can support at least 700 or 800 pounds, but still be able to lift up to get out if you had to.”

Peers thanked those involved for their work to rescue the elk.

“Those guys were super professional,” Peers said. “Really grateful, they were so prompt and careful and everything. Also, Dave Belcher and Jim Daly really appreciate those guys getting equipment over here. They just totally did that on their own, voluntarily they were super helpful.”