Vail CEO Rob Katz Giving Public Address Tonight

Mar 18, 2019


The CEO of Vail Resorts, Rob Katz, is the special guest on hand tonight to deliver the annual Community Lecture sponsored by Park City’s Leadership program.

The free Lecture takes place tonight at 7:00 pm at the Santy Auditorium.

Myles Rademan, the founder and director of Park City Leadership, said he asked Katz to appear for the 25th annual program because Katz’s management of the multi-national ski resort conglomerate ties in well to the theme of leadership.

“Most people know that Rob is very dedicated to leadership training in his corporation,” Rademan explained. “As a community leadership program that’s what interested me. That he spent so much resource and time training his own staff and making that such a priority. People talk about leadership but there aren’t that many corporations that really follow through. I asked him about probably six months ago and he was gracious enough to say yes and I think he likes to talk about this rather than just talking to investors and so forth.”

He said Katz has spoken before to groups of Parkites.

“I don’t know him well, but he addressed some of our city tours when we were over in Vail one time and when we were over in Breckinridge he was nice enough to stop in,” Rademan continued. “He is dedicated to being available to the communities where they do business. Obviously, I point out it’s a corporation of over 40,000 employees so it’s a really big company and most people maybe don’t realize that. I read a lot in leadership literature and he’s been honored by number one his alma mater at the University of Pennsylvania which has a leadership institute and he really does a lot of work with that.”

Katz will speak for about half an hour, followed by some questions from Rademan. Finally, he will take questions from the audience.

Rademan added that earlier in the day, this year’s Leadership Class will pick their project for the year.