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Utah Film Studios is the production base for the forthcoming cable TV series Yellowstone.  Studio managers say activity will be starting up again come Spring.  Rick Brough has this:

Now that the Utah Film Studios complex near Kearns Blvd. and U.S. Highway 40 has become a hub for movie and TV productions, there is more development planned for the immediate vicinity.  Rick Brough has more:

Local News Hour - February 2, 2018

Feb 2, 2018

On today’s show, Park City Film Series Director Katy Wang previews this weekend's screening of Darkest Hour at the Jim Santy Auditorium, recaps the Sundance festival, and looks ahead at the calendar. Newly appointed Park City Council Member Lynn Ware Peek and Mayor Andy Beerman discuss last night's meeting. And Marshall Moore, spokesman for Utah Film Studios, talks about plans for the soundstage, its involvement with the Sundance Institute, and what we can expect to see with the build-out of the property.

Snyderville Planning Commissioner Chuck Klingenstein says that the Commons at Newpark project will come back before them after the first of the year. And while the development has provoked some fiery debate, he says the Planning Commission is seeking a good compromise for everybody. Rick Brough has more.

The Snyderville Planning Commission did not come to a decision about the proposed Commons at Newpark development, even after more public input and discussions with the applicants. But in the end, the attorney for the applicants said they're asking for a vote at their next meeting with the Planning Commission.

In the meanwhile, the direction from the Snyderville commissioners was to further explore one alternative for the residential project. Rick Brough has more.

The Snyderville Planning Commission heard the pros and cons of a proposal to develop residential properties on the last piece of open space in Newpark. Rick Brough has more.

Utah Film Studios

The legal fight over the Park City film Studios continues in Third District Court. A recent ruling from Judge Kara Pettit has the attorneys for film studio developer Greg Erickson claiming they'v won a significant victory. But the lawyers for the studio's financier, Gary Crandall, say that is just the beginning. Rick Brough reprorts.

Park City Film Studios

Third District Court Judge Kara Petit Tuesday heard a variety of legal  motions and oral arguments involving the Park City Film Studios fight. Behind the details - involving case law, competing motions and disputes over history - there are two competing narratives from movie studio developer Greg Ericksen and financier Gary Crandall. Each party is saying that he was taken advantage of by the other. Rick Brough has more.

graphic by Monika Guendner / KPCW

The legal fight over the Park City Movie Studio has taken a dramatic new turn. The financier for the project, Gary Crandall, has dropped his claim that he is a partner in the development, and says he will pursue his remedies as a lender.

Meanwhile, the attorney for studio developer Greg Ericksen says they expect Crandall will try to hold a trustee's sale of the property as soon as late May. KPCW's Rick Brough has more.

Opposing attorneys in the Park City Film Studios lawsuit appeared in Third District Court Monday. Judge Kara Pettit heard charges and counter-charges in the case between studio developer Greg Ericksen and his financier Gary Crandall. The judge took the arguments under advisement and will issue a written ruling later. Rick Brough has more.